Data Processing Forms Pvt. Ltd., a security printers, D.P.F. Pvt. Ltd. for brevity, is no beginner to the field of manufacturing of business forms, we’ve had over five decade of experience as manufacturers of business forms for computers.

We are the most comprehensive & complete manufacturing setup for business forms under one roof in India. Data Processing Forms Pvt. Ltd. enjoys leadership in the area of product quality and services to their clients, which includes blue-chip corporate, government organizations, educational institutes, banks, insurances & finance companies, pharmaceuticals companies telecommunication companies, and various state governments departments and corporation.

Security Features

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This Certificates cum Markscard printed on Highly Security Parchment Paper, in this Security Parchment Paper special Invisible Fibers are embeded at the time of Paper manufacturing so such paper cannot be easily available in local market.

Board's Logo and Border with microline word ''GENERAL UNIVERSITY'' is inserted which looks like a simple LINE by naked eye, but it can be clearly read with the help of an eye glass.

The high security border in Certificates cum Markscard is inserted through special calculations in our most advanced computer, this cannot be easily copied/made by others. Micrologo of GENERAL UNIVERSITY is inserted in center of bottom the high security border.

This Certificates cum Markscard printed in multi shaded colours as Rainbow and it looks very attractive. It is very difficult to be copied/made by others. In Certificate cum Markscard total Verticle Hair Line is 649 Nos. and Horizontal Lines in Marks Statement portion is 193 Nos.

University's Logo is printed with invisible ink in center of Certificates cum Markscard will not be visible to the nacked eye and can not be copied by using computerised scanners or colour copiers. Such Logo can become visible only in Green Colour under Ultra Violet Light source.

Fusing of Metallic Hologram strip by special imported security machine in size of 2.0m.m height x125.0m.m wide Hologram strip having word of GENERAL UNIVERSITY 13 times, this Hologram strip cannot be reproduced by latest colour xerox / scanner machines.

The optical illussion word “PHOTOCOPY” inserted on right side of Certificate word. The “PHOTOCOPY” word can not be legible by nacked eye. The word “PHOTOCOPY” will be visible in xerox copy of the original Certificates cum Markscard.

University's Logo is inserted in Certificates cum Markscard by special penetrating process on backside, it creates impression of Board's Logo as Water mark. This University's logo in Water mark is visible under simple light source any person can see it easily and same is visible in Blue Colour under Ultra Violet Light source. By this application of Water mark the Certificates cum Markscard cannot be reproduced or reprocessed by any latest digital copier or scanner.

Each Certificate cum Markscard having Two numbering, the right hand side is Gothic numbering which falls in serially and the left hand side is MICR logic numbering having last digit is check digit.

On backside of the Certificates cum Markscard Blind printing is done and its read as "GENERAL UNIVERSITY" in Orange colour. It is looks as simple but when it seen through by Red transparent sheet, the hidden printing will be read as "RESULT DECLARE JUNE 2004".

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